Detroit, MI and Los Angeles, CA
Bob Tyrrell

Come learn from me in Ireland this September!

I will be teaching a seminar this September in Ireland.  Click here for more info and tickets. Dont wait on this, it's filling up fast!

This seminar will cover a vast array of techniques when approaching both a colour realism tattoo and black and grey portrait tattoo. This seminar will take place in 2 parts and feature a "live tattooing".
The legendary Bob Tyrrell, best known for his black and grey portraits, will speak about the process and techniques involved when tattooing a realistic portrait. He will also discuss capturing details and different textures, along with covering some of the most common challenges of tattooing such a piece.
Remis, known for his hyper realistic works, will talk about the fundamental aspects that create the foundation of a colour realism piece. He will also cover the way in which he approaches applying details and textures within the piece. Together they will cover the complete tattoo process, with a detailed explanation from idea conception to finished product.

Watch, interact and learn whilst these two world class artists produce a collaborative tattoo with stunning results.